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Yellow is the Loveliest Color

My favorite color is yellow.

Not many people can agree with me. Not many people can fully appreciate the beauty that is yellow. And shame on those people.

I remember in middle school, when I would share that my favorite color is yellow, I got a lot of rude remarks: “That’s a stupid color.” “Nobody likes yellow.” “That’s lame.” and some other ones that were too rude to even mention.

But that didn’t stop my passion for all things yellow. My wedding colors? Grey and yellow. My dream car? A bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

I like all shades of yellow, but my particular favorite is bright, sunshine yellow. It’s such a happy color! I can’t look at a sunshine yellow thing and feel sadness. Just the color ensues happiness. Blue is a beautiful color, but it’s also pretty sad and glum. Purple is just a majestic and royal color. Green is so outdoorsy and nature-filled. Yellow though? Yellow is happy. Yellow is bright. Yellow is brilliant.

The only downside to yellow is that I can’t write in it. This is what happens when I write in yellow. Nobody could read it. Eyes would strain. Headaches would attack. So I’ll stick with black, and just convince you through words that yellow is the best color in the world. 

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