Monologue · Personal Reflection

My Dream World

If I could live in the world of my dreams, I’d totally live at Hogwarts. That probably sounds super cheesy and overrated, but I love Harry Potter, and I don’t care if everyone else does too.

I want to roam the halls of Hogwarts, get confused in the stairs, and accidentally wander into a forbidden section.

I want to experience Halloween in the Great Hall and taste true pumpkin juice (I’ve had what they sell at Universal, and I’m not convinced that’s accurate, even though it was pretty good).

I want to sit in the stands and cheer on my house during a Quidditch match (really, I want to play in a Quidditch match, but I’m not coordinated).

I want to sneak off to Hagrid’s Hut for some rock hard cake and tea.

I want to pull tricks on Peeves in retaliation.

I (kind of) want to serve detention in the Forbidden Forrest because unicorns? Yes, please.

I actually truly want to listen to a lecture by Professor Binns and possibly fall asleep.

But I’ll never experience any of this. And that friends, is why I’ve read the Harry Potter series more times than I can count. That’s the only way I’ll get to live my dream life.

Jesus is so much better and magic goes against basically everything in Scripture, so I admit that my dream is wrong. But how cool would it be if we had both?

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