Eating Outside High in the Sky

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, and I was hard-pressed to find a nice place to take him for dinner. He’s one who doesn’t think his birthday is special, so he doesn’t care to pick any activity or meals or … He does like getting presents, though! But this means that I have to plan everything to celebrate another year of life for him.

Thankfully, I have an amazing neighbor who, when hearing of my struggles, suggested the perfect place, dare I say the best restaurant in St. Louis? Three Sixty.

This is a place I would have never chosen to go to on my own. It’s located at the top of the Hilton in downtown St. Louis, so I was certain it would be way too fancy and way too expensive. Fancy and classy it is, but too expensive it is not! The meals were really nicely priced, especially for the quality and the ingredients. Miguel and I just ate appetizers because the appetizers sounded so good, and we were content.

So, great food, great prices, and it’s a roof top restaurant! They have a patio too, so we got to enjoy our meal outside, while overlooking the entire city. It was really amazing and such a neat experience. We will definitely go there again.

Moments and places like last night help me remember how small I am. When I’m standing atop this building, looking across the city, I see the enormity of just one city, one that actually is pretty small, comparatively, and I realize that I’m tiny. I watch hundreds, thousands of cars drive by on the busy highway, and remember that I’m one of billions.

This can be a depressing thought: leading to the question of “Is there anything I can do that will have any impact on this huge world? Is there any significance to the life I live?”

Yes, there is great significance. Your lives should be lived to spread the word of God in all that you do, and in that respect, you can do great things. You, the one person that you are, have a reach that is greater than you can understand. Each person you interact with in your life interacts with probably close to the same amount as you. Touching the lives of each person you meet could have impact on an exponentially greater number of lives.

It’s like a ripple effect. The things you do keep going and spreading and growing and reaching out even after you’re gone, like a pebble dropped in the water.

You are small, and you are just one. But you can do great and mighty things during your lifetime.



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