Personal Reflection


I just went to the eye doctor again. Yay. I really detest going to the eye doctor, but I need to see. I have pretty bad eye sight, so I am thankful for the technological advances that help me see, but it sure is a pain.

I hate having my eyes dilated because that ALWAYS gives me a headache. I hate all the questions: “One or two?” “Three or four?” “A or B?” I don’t know! They all look the same!

Anyway. There is one good thing that comes out of visiting the eye doctor (aside from being able to see better with new prescriptions): I get to order new glasses.

Glasses can be super expensive. Unless you use Zenni. Zenni is my favorite place to buy glasses. I just bought a pair that was only $9.95! Because my eyes are “special” as the doctor put it, I have to pay an extra fee for the special lens, but total, I paid $23 for the frames, lens, and shipping!

The website is super easy too. You just select the frames you want, punch in your prescription, and order the glasses! There are a lot of add-ons you can get, like tinted lens, or super scratch preventive lens, but the basics are pretty cheap!

The hardest part about Zenni (besides just selecting one frame that I like the best) is measuring your pupil distance. You have to measure from center of pupil to center of pupil. That way they can get the lens centered right. But it’s a pain! I meant to ask my eye doctor if she could measure and tell me, but I couldn’t see, so I forgot.

But. Moral of the story. Next time you need glasses, shop at Zenni! There are so many cute styles and awesome colors and patterns, and I really think everyone can find something they like. You can upload your face and put the glasses on your the picture of your face to see if they’ll fit. Plus you always get a free glasses case and a free cleaning cloth, which I need to have in every purse and coat pocket.


Image taken from Zenni

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