I wish I was Irish

I think I mentioned in a previous post how much I’d like to visit Ireland. Everything I’ve heard about Ireland makes me love it. Really amazing food. Beer. Tea. Castles. Cliffs and oceans and green and hills. It just all sounds so lovely. Just look at the featured image. Who wouldn’t want to walk on that cliff?

Some of my favorite authors write about Ireland, and it’s beautiful. Nora Roberts has so many books set in the villages of Ireland. Patrick Taylor writes Irish books with the most amusing and lovable characters.

One of my favorite chick flicks, Leap Year, is set in Ireland. And I love the scenery. I love the way they talk. I love the community it presents. I love Declan.

My new favorite Irish thing is the music. A few months ago, my husband and I discovered a new band when we were spending an evening with a family we babysat for. They were playing The High Kings. Since then, we haven’t listened to anything else.

The music, first of all, is incredibly catchy. It gets stuck in my head for days. The tunes are easy to pick up, and it’s so fun to sing along.

There’s a really great variety of fast and slow, happy and sad, soulful and joyous. Whatever your mood is, The High Kings have a song to match.

Every song they sing (most of them are Irish folk songs that they cover) tells a story of Irish history, and it’s beautiful to hear the stories and imagine the past. They tell stories of romances blooming and failing, and they tell stories of  death and war.

Miguel and I often try to talk about which song is our favorite, and we end up listing all the songs we know.

When you check them out, I highly suggest these songs:

  • “Marie’s Wedding”
  • “Irish Pub Song”
  • “The Parting Glass”
  • “The Rocky Road to Dublin”
  • “Red is the Rose”


Image taken from JoeIreland ranked in top 20 most beautiful countries in the world.

3 thoughts on “I wish I was Irish

  1. I like Ireland too. Never been but I’ve listened to several musicians. Gaelic Storm is always a great introduction to Irish music since they’re so prevalent (and they played the party music in third class in Titanic). One for the Foxes is great, Derek Ryan and Nathan Carter are great if you’re more into Celtic Country music. I heard We Banjo 3 is a great band.

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    1. I’ll have to check out those artists! I need to expand my Irish music listening, but I just love The High Kings! I’ll listen to some of these this morning. Thanks, Ashley!

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