Let’s Get it Started!

This is the very beginning of my journey. Here’s where it all starts. The first post! In this post, I’m going to share a bit more about myself; that way, when you read, you can feel like you truly know me.

I’m currently 23, and right now, I’m working as a church secretary. My dream while growing up was to be an artist. After one too many botched art projects, I changed my mind. When I started college at Concordia University Ann Arbor, I wanted to be a social worker, until I realized that involved people, which I’m not too great at. Then I switched to English and everything clicked for me. For a time I wanted to be an Editor, and there’s still a part of me that would love that. Unfortunately, after graduation, I realized how difficult it is to get a job in that field without experience. There are other circumstances leading to the problems finding a job, which I’ll explain later, but for now, I’m making the best of it. 

Someday, I’d like to go back to school, getting a Master’s, and then teaching English courses at the undergraduate level. The professors I had in college impacted me in a huge way, and I’d love to be able to return that favor to other unsuspecting students.

My biggest, deepest, most sacred dream has always been to write and publish a novel. Just writing that sends shivers down my spine! The problem is that I don’t write enough, which is where this blog comes in. If I can get into the habit of setting aside time every day to sit down and write, perhaps my dream will someday come true.

I’m married and just celebrated my two-year anniversary! Yay! Miguel and I got married on August 6th, 2016. We meet at CUAA, dated for a year, got engaged, and got married a year after that!

Miguel is a second-year student at Concordia Seminary. We’ve been here for one year, which is crazy to think! He’s studying to be a pastor. The program is four years and includes one vicarage year during year three.

During those four years, my “job” is to support Miguel. Really, this will be my job for the rest of my life (I already told him that I have dibs on dying first). My calling is to support him. Concordia Seminary is located in St. Louis, MO, which isn’t really a big publishing city. While all jobs need an editor, it has been very difficult for me to find a position.

So for the time being, I’m a church secretary at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. I’ve been here for almost a year: I started in September of 2017. It’s been a great experience. I’m gaining insight to what goes behind the scenes in church life, which will be helpful for me when Miguel gets his first call.

My life has been full of good days and bad, fun memories and memories I’d like to forget, dreams fulfilled and dreams crushed, and I’ll share posts on each of these things. This post, however, is strictly share myself with you and kick off the blog.

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